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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Sign Up Online!

Welcome to Bromley Fitness Centre's website. We are now fully up and running online . This now means that you guys can sign up to a membership at Bromley Fitness Centre, via ClubRight, online. All we need is a few of your details, which are protected by GoCardless's military grade encryption software, and you are good to go! Just follow the steps on our sign up page.

Our standard membership is a monthly rolling membership with no contract involved, this is £24.95. If you would like a longer term contract, this will be a one-off payment, we will offer you a discount for the per monthly price. If you would like to do a day pass on just a months membership, this can be done as well via ClubRight. All details are on our website and on the membership sign up pages in ClubRight.

A little background info about us...

Having never met before and having spent only two hours together, we decided to embark on a new journey! With similar interests and similar goals it was not long before our shared passion took over. Our mutual love for fitness and desire to succeed on our own, ignited a flame in us all. We had all missed our daily visits to the gym and our livelihoods had been halted by the pandemic! Tish’s business closed, Anthony was furloughed but then the gym closed down and Ollie’s internship was looking more and more unlikely.  Suddenly, a door was opened and we were introduced! Within a week, this is what we created -  we built the brand, we acquired the equipment, we made contact and here we are.

Tish, Anthony and Ollie

What is in store for the future...

As part of the launch of Bromley Fitness Centre, our locally run gym in Bromley, it is essential for us to provide the best possible products and services to our members.

This is why we invested over £60,000 in new equipment and completely transformed the layout of the gym to make it more efficient and accessible for members.

The exciting new visuals for the new gym layout can be seen on our website on in the gym


Any Questions?

Contact us via the following sources:

- Email us as