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"Before Kirsty became my personal trainer, I’d been exercising for about two years. I tried gym classes and numerous different apps, but they weren’t tailored to my goals or giving me the results I wanted. Plus, I didn’t have the time or expertise to plan my own workouts and felt intimidated about entering the weights section at the gym. 

Since training with Kirsty, my fitness journey has been transformed. After an introductory chat, she provided bespoke workouts and nutritional advice aligned with what I wanted to achieve. These are inputted into a very neat app, where you can record the reps and weights of each exercise. This not only keeps the workouts structured but helps with motivation as you can easily track your progress.

Her explanation of the exercises are impeccable. She tells you why she has chosen each exercise, gives clear demonstrations on form and how they can be adjusted to work the muscles you’re interested in developing. For me that was my glutes. After just a few months, I am finally seeing the results I’ve always wanted. Not only have I seen huge improvements in my body, but also my confidence. I am now completely comfortable using any of the machines and entering the weights section alone, something I never thought I’d say. 

What I love most about Kirsty though is how approachable and relatable she is. She has had the most incredible fitness journey herself. As a result, she has been able to empathise with all of my worries, reassure me and give me the confidence to keep pushing myself. She has balanced being professional and supportive perfectly with making it fun and having a laugh. I can’t thank her enough!"


"Before I started working with Kirsty, the thought of going to the gym just filled me with dread and anxiety, but now I really look forward to our sessions. Before starting we had an informal chat, where I explained what my goals were, what I had tried and the types of exercise I liked/disliked. From this Kirsty created a plan for our sessions - for me this was focused on strength training for weight loss and muscle building plus light cardio (walking) in my own time. This was perfect for me because I love doing weights and feel super strong doing it - you'll be so surprised by how much you achieve in each session!

Kirsty's lovely, she has been on her own fitness journey so she really understands you and is non-judgemental. She'll keep you focused and cheer you on, encouraging you to try new things but she'll never force you to do any exercise you don't like. Every 4 weeks the programme intensifies which keeps it interesting and really motivates you. I'm now at the point where I do one of my sessions alone in the week, which is a huge achievement for me. Not just going to the gym but being in the weights section, which can feel so daunting but now I see everyone is there doing their own thing and really everyone is there for the same reason.

If like me you have tried to lose weight alone with little results or you just don't know what's right for you, then get in touch with Kirsty. She'll advise and guide you, and it will feel like you're meeting a friend at the gym"


"I am not sure I can put into words how brilliant Talia is and I say this in all sincerity, working with Talia has honestly changed my life. 5 months ago, I decided to join my local gym, I had lost a considerable amount of weight through dieting. 

I felt the pressures of gym anxiety and without knowing where to start Talia was recommended through Bromley fitness centre to help me on my journey. 

After meeting with Talia to discuss my lifestyle and the results I was looking to achieve she designed me a workout plan. 

In the 5 months since I started, I have been having weekly training sessions with Talia and seen lots of amazing results in that time. 

Her friendly personality combined with energy and enthusiasm has motivated me to push past my perceived limits to get the results I am looking for; she also places a high value on correct form with each exercise to really support the changes in my body composition I am seeing today! 

If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Talia will lead you every step of the way."



"Im so lucky i found Talia! Hands down one of the best pt's I've trained with. She takes into consideration my goals and makes sure i progress week by week so i achieve what i set out to achieve. Love how she was super friendly and pushed me hard when needed. What I found great about Talia is she always has great advice on perfecting form and technique on things I struggle with so I can look back and see how much I've grown and how much more confident I've become on weights and working out in general. 10 out of 10!!"


"I am so fortunate to have Talia as my PT. She puts me completely at ease, challenges me each session & she’s great at ensuring I have good form. My confidence for going to the gym is the highest it’s ever been & I’m loving the progress I’m seeing from our sessions."