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Personal Trainer


Having been through my own fitness journey I strongly believe in the positive effects of fitness for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

I’m very passionate about being more than just a Personal Trainer. I believe it’s not just about achieving your short-term aims but creating habits and a mindset that are sustainable long term.

Maybe you are an experienced gym goer and just need that extra push or are new to the gym, I will provide support, guidance and motivation enabling you to accomplish your goals.

You can still do the things you love whilst also improving your long-term health.

Find me in the gym or reach out via email, Instagram or give me a call.


PAUL "I am not sure I can put into words how brilliant Talia is and I say this in all sincerity, working with Talia has honestly changed my life. 5 months ago, I decided to join my local gym, I had lost a considerable amount of weight through dieting. I felt the pressures of gym anxiety and without knowing where to start Talia was recommended through Bromley fitness centre to help me on my journey. After meeting with Talia to discuss my lifestyle and the results I was looking to achieve she designed me a workout plan. In the 5 months since I started, I have been having weekly training sessions with Talia and seen lots of amazing results in that time. Her friendly personality combined with energy and enthusiasm has motivated me to push past my perceived limits to get the results I am looking for; she also places a high value on correct form with each exercise to really support the changes in my body composition I am seeing today! If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Talia will lead you every step of the way."


"Im so lucky i found Talia! Hands down one of the best pt's I've trained with. She takes into consideration my goals and makes sure i progress week by week so i achieve what i set out to achieve. Love how she was super friendly and pushed me hard when needed. What I found great about Talia is she always has great advice on perfecting form and technique on things I struggle with so I can look back and see how much I've grown and how much more confident I've become on weights and working out in general. 10 out of 10!!"


"I am so fortunate to have Talia as my PT. She puts me completely at ease, challenges me each session & she’s great at ensuring I have good form. My confidence for going to the gym is the highest it’s ever been & I’m loving the progress I’m seeing from our sessions."

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