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Before You Sign Up FAQs

Here are our the most frequently asked questions most relevant if you are still unsure Bromley Fitness Centre is the gym for you.

Why choose us?

At Bromley Fitness Centre we aim to make sure you are confident and comfortable working out in our gym. We provide state of the art equipment, a friendly atmosphere & knowledgable staff there to help, so our members can always enjoy their fitness journey.


Can I try the gym out first?

We know it can be a hard decision to sign up for a service you have not experienced yet. As we are so confident of our gym is the right one for you, we offer Free Trials for people that have not used our facilities before.
You can book in for a Free Gym Tour or Free Gym Trial, so you can try us out before you sign.


What membership option is for me?

This varies depending on what you want out of your membership.

If you're looking for a more focused membership with gym equipment in mind, a core membership will do you just fine.

If you would like to have an all inclusive gym membership, as well as having extra gym benefits, our Prime + Membership is for you.
If your a beginner  or less confident gym goer then our Evolve + membership has the perfect solution for you!

(for further information please refer to our 'Memberships' page.


What payment options do you have?

At Bromley Fitness Centre we provide an array of payment options, but you are never tied into long term contracts.

Our popular payment option would be our Monthly Rolling option,  however we understand that some people would rather not subscribe to monthly payments, so we have Upfront membership options too.

These are either a 6 month or 12 month option.

For a breakdown on membership options please refer to our "Memberships' page.

Your First Workout FAQs

Here are our the most frequently asked questions most relevant to your first workout at Bromley Fitness Centre.

Where is Bromley Fitness Centre located?

Bromley Fitness Centre is located at 9 Elmfield Road, Bromley BR1 1LT.
We are located 4mins away from Bromley South Station,
Opposite the NCP Carpark.
Members that ride a Bike can also make use of our Bike Racks outside of the Gym.


What are your opening times?

We are open 24/7!!


What do I need to workout?

Come in with activewear that you feel comfortable in! As well as a bottle you can refill for water. “You gotta stay hydrated” 😊.
A padlock so you can keep your belongings in if you are bringing anything Important.
Maybe headphones so you can get in the zone! But we always provide the good tunes!
However, if you forget any of these, we do have a shop on site that sell Drinks, Protein Bars and Padlocks if you ever forget anything.


What if I don't know how to use the machines?

We offer a free induction to all new members to show you how to use all the equipment, advice on structuring your workouts and also to answer any questions you have. Call us on 020 8466 8368 or email to get your free induction booked.

We also always have qualified fitness trainers at the ready to show you around and help you out in any way. It’s our goal to make your fitness journey a great experience.


How do I enter the gym?

When you first become a member of Bromley fitness centre you will be directed to our app, this is how you will enter the gym. Once you have logged into your profile on the app, there will be a blue icon that says Access Control, once clicked then press Main door and then finally press unlock, this should then unlock our turnstile which you can then walk through. Please, make sure your Bluetooth is connected to the app as this is how our access control operates.

How much is a day pass?

£11.95 for a day pass, which must be used within staffed hours. Come to the gym 5 minutes before to purchase your day pass and you will be good to go.

Classes & Personal Training FAQs

Here are our the most frequently asked questions most relevant to our classes and personal training services we offer at Bromley Fitness Centre.

Does Bromley Fitness Centre provide Personal Training?

Yes! We will always have a personal trainer around to help your needs. If you want to go the extra mile and have 1-1 sessions, we have multiple people for the Job. Everyone has a different fitness goal and at BFC we have trainers that can help you get there.
From Strength and Conditioning, Bodybuilding, Fat Loss, or Boxing, Muay Thai or Athletics, we have someone that can help you. If you are interested, you can contact our personal trainers here:


How do I book a class?

Booking classes is very simple, simply log into your Bromley Fitness Centre app, then select the classes category, then simply just press express checkout and that will all be booked. If you would like to book for multiple classes, you can select add to cart and then checkout once you’ve selected all the classes you would like.

As a prime member you can book as many classes as you like for FREE.


Are your classes easy/difficult?

Everyone’s fitness level differs. All our members come from different backgrounds of fitness, and we welcome you all!

Our trainers are there to help each member in our class enjoy their fitness experience. Our classes are loved by our members, as our trainers are experienced in pushing each individual within their fitness capabilities.

To summarise, our classes will suit your fitness level, so book a class here to try them out.


Can I bring a guest to a class?

Guests are more than welcome to try out a class. Class passes can be purchased online here:, these are priced at £12.95 per class booking.
Members on our Prime Membership Option can benefit from a 50% Discount when bringing a Guest to a class. This can be purchased on site and is priced at £6.95.

Member FAQs

Here are our the most frequently asked questions most relevant to being a member at Bromley Fitness Centre.

Can I bring a friend?

Of course!
You can always bring in a Friend with a Guest Pass. Guest passes can only be bought on site or via the Bromley Fitness Centre app, and your guest must be with you to redeem this member benefit.

As a Prime member you benefit from having 2 FREE guest passes every month, after this you can bring a friend for 30% off our original price, at £8.35.

As a Core member you can bring a friend for 30% off our original price, at £8.35.


Are there any other benefits to being a member?

Other than providing state of the art equipment, friendly gym atmosphere, personal training, classes and guest pass discounts/freebees. We automatically enroll all our members into the BFC rewards program.

This program allows you to accumulate points through being a member, purchasing store products and referring your friends (apply here). You can then redeem these points to apply discounts to your future membership payments. Email us on for more info.


Can I Freeze My Membership?

Of course you can. We ask for a 25 day notice when requesting a membership Freeze. A notice can only be giving via email sent to, and this will be free of charge up to 3 months per year.

(Exceptions can be made for relevant injuries)


How do I Cancel my Membership?

Memberships can be requested to be cancelled by sending us an email at Once we receive the request the 25 day notice period shall start.

For more information please refer to our terms and conditions page or you can contact us on 02084668368 or email at

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