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App Troubleshooting

Need help with your app? we've got you!
Below is a step by step guide that will help talk you through any potential issues you may be having . 



Please check your app setting are all correct via the steps below.
- Bluetooth must be on when accessing the club

- Location settings must be on in settings under the BFC App 

 No Access Control Showing

If your access control is not showing, please follow these steps below. 

Troubleshooting 1:

Open your app > press the top left > press switch plan > select your current membership > Access will appear

 ( Please note selecting apply no benefits option is not membership cancellation)

- If the switch plan option is not showing then it could be as simple as your app needing a reboot, Simply log out and log back in and your access control should re appear!

Access Error
Troubleshooting 2.

If when trying to enter the gym your app is saying access error, please follow the steps below.

- Retry. I know its that simple :)  If you app shows access error it could be as simple as the connection, so simply give it a second attempt as to which this should then grant you access. 

- Payments

If the above option does not work then the access error could be due to a failed payment.


Select the top left corner of your app > select the plans option > This will show you all your payments > If payments says "Failed" this means your monthly payment has not been taken.


In this case please see the payments options on the website for further help regarding this. 

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