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for the love of fitness

Our slogan, 'for the love of fitness' is not just a gimmick, it is the reason why Bromley Fitness Centre exists.

We created Bromley Fitness Centre in August 2020, with the vision of creating a gym where people can enjoy the process of reaching their fitness goals, so people can employ quality health and fitness practices in their lives, as not just a habit, a lifestyle!

We achieved this through creating Bromley Fitness Centre, unironically, for the love of fitness. We love being at the gym and helping our members, whether it is showing one individual the best back exercise to do on the new Nautilus HumanSport machine or, greeting every person that walks through the door. We do this to make our members feel like Bromley Fitness Centre is their second home. We have this constant attitude so people always enjoy coming to the gym.

meet the team


Ant | Director


Ollie | Director


Ren | Training & Class Expert

An experienced and successful gym manager. Now playing a more pivotal role in the gym to have more of an influence on improving people's health and fitness on a larger scale.

'Rumour Has It'

Ant's hobbies include and are limited to the gym and getting sun beds. 💪

Marketing graduate full of creative ideas and motivation to increase awareness of the importance of health and fitness.

'Rumour Has It'

Ollie lives at the gym. 👟

A dedicated and passionate gym fanatic, driven to help everyone achieve their fitness goals. 

'Rumour Has It'

Ren is scheduled to fight Anthony Joshua for the Heavyweight Title in March 2022. Who you got? 😂 


Talia | Personal Trainer & Nutrition Expert


Kirsty | Personal Trainer & Training Expert

Highly motivated and passionate personal trainer, who loves to help people feel better about their physique, and has the ideal skill set for achieving this.

'Rumour Has It'

Hasn't had a day off of training since gyms reopened. 🧐

Kirsty has a great attitude to fitness training. While making sure her clients achieve their fitness goals, her training knowledge and personality, incentivises one to take up fitness as a fun lifestyle choice in the long run.

'Rumour Has It'

Kirsty is friendlier than Spongebob Squarepants. 😊