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Free 4-Week Custom Fitness Guide

Start with confidence - EVOLVE +

"exclusively designed for less confident (aspiring) gym goers"

Evolve + combines all Bromley Fitness Centre's exceptional membership features & benefits, with all the tools needed to work towards achieving your fitness goals. Evolve + has been specifically designed for less confident gym goers who want to make sure they are into health & fitness for the long-run! APRIL 1ST 2024. Download a custom fitness guide for free and kickstart your fitness.


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What Evolve + Includes?

Explore the countless extraordinary benefits make up Bromley Fitness Centre's new beginner membership, Evolve + >>>

Are you a less confident gym goer? Evolve + is the membership for you!


Evolve + has been created, as we see so many of motivated people come to us at Bromley Fitness Centre, as beginners or less confident gym goers, who are excited to start their new fitness journey, but you need a bit more guidance and a clear path to achieving your goals. Sound like you? Keep reading...

We are always here to help any and every member whenever they need it. However, we want to go one step further for those who really need that extra support and direction. This is why over the past 9 months we have been creating a membership for individuals who needs a fresh start or helping hand, so you have some real direction and clarity as a fitness beginner.

We have combined: personal training, group training, progress check-ins and digital guidance with all of our extraordinary Bromley Fitness Centre benefits & features to create our one-of-a-kind Evolve + membership. Join the waiting list >>>

Why are we are the one to create this unique beginner membership? 

Great question, if you were thinking this ^...

At Bromley Fitness Centre we offer a range of solutions for nearly 4 years, from standard gym memberships (for confident gym goers) up to Get Fit transformation programs (only for the really motivated individuals who have big goals).

Both these solutions have been a great success, thanks to you guys ;). We have combined features from our memberships and programs we currently offer to create the Evolve + membership to specifically cater for the more skeptical and less confident gym goers (or future gym goers ;)).

We know there are some of you feeling a little lost and unsure on what path to go down, as you have not had much experience with fitness or have had some past experiences which have made you skeptical. However, we know you still are excited to kickstart your fitness journey, but you want both flexibility as well as guidance to achieve your new goals. Download a custom fitness guide for free and kickstart your fitness.

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