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Covid-19 Update


We are excited to announce that outside classes will be running from the 29.03.21. Pick your favourite classes below. Also, we will be opening our gym from April 12th! See You All Soon!


"For The Love Of Fitness"

About us

Having never met before and having spent only two hours together, we decided to embark on a new journey!  With similar interests and similar goals it was not long before our shared passion took over.  Our mutual love for fitness and desire to succeed on our own, ignited a flame in us all.  We had all missed our daily visits to the gym and our livelihoods had been halted by the pandemic!


Tish’s business closed, Anthony was furloughed but then the gym closed down and Ollie’s internship was looking more and more unlikely.  Suddenly, a door was opened and we were introduced!


Within a week, this is what we created -  we built the brand, we acquired the equipment, we made contact and here we are.

Tish, Anthony and Ollie


Friendly Faces

We have an amazing team at the Bromley Fitness Centre Gym. Taking care of our members is our first priority. Not only this but also all of our staff members are very knowledgable in health and fitness, and most of us have PT certificates, as well! Our passion is health and fitness and helping people achieve their personal goals.

Ant | Operations director

Ollie | Marketing & Finance director

Ren | Training & Nutrition Expert

Staying safe

At Bromley Fitness Centre we have introduced many measures to keep all our member safe and comfortable in the light of Covid-19.

Measures Include:

  • Equipment spaced out throughout the gym to meet social distancing measures.

  • Sanitising stations located all round the gym, that include disinfectant spray and wipes, blue roll and hand sanitisers.

  • 30 member capacity in the gym at one time.

  • We disinfect all equipment every day (normally more than once).

Rules are as follows:

  • Only water bottles can be filled from the water fountain, no direct consumption of water from the fountain.

  • Social distance at all times.

  • Wipe down all equipment after use.

  • If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 you will not be let into the gym.

State of the art equipment

On Tuesday September 1st we installed a brand new cardio section, resistance weight section, new benches, lifting platform and much more! 5 StarTrac Treadmills, 2 Upright StarTrac Bikes, 10+ Spinning Bikes, 3 StarTrac Cross-trainers  Nautilus 9 Man, Star Trac Assisted Pull Up/Dip Machine, Nautilus Lying Leg Curl, Nautilus Leg Extension, Nautilus Adduction/Adduction Machine, Leg Press Nautilus, HumanStrength Abs/Arm, Human Strength Chest/Shoulders, HumanStrength Back. 5 Adjustable Benches, Nautilus Bench Press Rack, Nautilus Incline Press Rack, Nautilus Smith Machine, Nautilus Angled Leg Press, 2 Nautilus Half Racks, 2 Lifting Platforms, 6 Hatton Boxing Bags, 1kg - 47.5kg Jordan Dumbells.  

Exclusive discounts

We have collaborated with a few local Bromley shops to offer our exclusive deals on haircuts to restaurants.

These include:

  • £5 off Adonis Hair dressers*

And Many More to Come !


*T & C's apply

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Free Classes

All Bromley Fitness Centre members have exclusive access to all classes for FREE. Classes include: Legs, Bums & Tums, Abs, Spinning, Circuits, Zumba and Yoga.

Due to tier 3 restrictions classes will not be running until these restrictions have been lifted.


At Bromley Fitness Centre we want to provide the best possible service. This is why we not only have a 30 member capacity at one time, we also have a holistic cap on the amount of active members at the club. This allows our gym to be used by all members whenever they like for an unlimited time, as well as getting the most out of every session they have, as there are always your favourite machines available to use, due to the small number of members we have.


Weekly Workouts

Can't get to the gym? We've got you covered!

Our exclusive Weekly Workout Videos for all our members are accessible from anywhere via our private Instagram account: BFC_OnDemand




Or via the your ClubRight account labelled On-Demand videos:

Referral Scheme

We have new introduced a referral scheme where our members can get MASSIVE discounts on memberships at Bromley Fitness Centre!

If you are a member and you refer a person to sign up with us, we will give you your next month FREE!

This offer is uncapped, so lets say you have 12 friends who you refer to us, you get a YEARS FREE membership at Bromley Fitness Centre.


Bromley Fitness Centre

Bromley Fitness Centre LTD.

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Company No. 12800532

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