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Want to kickstart your fitness journey and be 100% that we are the gym for you? Book now to see our friendly environement with state of the art equipment


Why Choose Us

State Of The Art Equipment

Our gym is fully kitted out with Nautilus, Jordan & Star Trac equipment for all your fitness needs

Friendly Atmosphere

Our friendly staff will keep you motivated while giving their expert advice. This friendly atmosphere emits through the whole of the gym.

Member Cap

Having a limit off how many members we have is vital for us to provide the best quality experience for our members, as they feel comfortable in a less busy gym environment.

 GET FIT Program 

Stuck or confused on how to change you life to start feeling and looking fantastic? Our Get Fit program is designed transform your life in only 9 weeks... Don't believe us? We are so confident in our programs and coaches that we will guarantee your results! Book a call with on of our experts now to learn more on our Get Fit program


We always aim to provide the lowest possible prices for the Bromley community, as we know health and fitness should be for all.

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